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"A good year to be over the Moon..."

# “I want to see gamma rays, I want to hear X-rays and I want to smell dark matter…” # – (from BSG: The Plan - “Apocalypse” by Bear McCreary ) I thought I’d begin this very first post in my new “2010 - odyssey in space” Seal Your Own Fate series of posts with a clip of the song I’m quoting lyrics from (above) with the actual audio to the tune as well. I often write with music in the background, and this is just one of the finest sci-fi tunes I’ve heard recently, so thought I’d provide it here (for non-profit!) for readers to perhaps play in the background as they peruse through this post…

"Damn those interchangeable/irreversible numbers?!"

# "Three... is a magic number..." # - Bob Dorough I turned 33 this month… You probably can’t hear it, but as I read that first sentence back to myself there’s a sort of dramatic horror-type piano chord playing. I’m not usually one to get caught up in the whole “dreading getting older” mindset and I actually look forward to getting wiser with my encroaching years (even turning the big 3-0 didn’t scare me,… that much!) But for some unknown and un-pin-downable reason, 33 seems to be an ominuous number to reach… I think one of the reasons is that with each "biggish" birthday I've enjoyed the fact that in my own head, I can reverse the digits and feel like I can still act the age of those turnaround numbers (21 became 12, 30 was 03!) but reaching 33 it's the first real time that I've got to an age year and properly realised there's no way to mentally escape my actual age any more... (turn around 33 and I'm still 33!)