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# "..when you try to see the world beyond your front door..." # - Ed Robertson (Barenaked Ladies)

These are exciting times despite having just come back to work after a long bank holiday weekend and recovering from a sore throat which caused me to almost lose my voice. Exciting times because I get married in a few months and hopefully this week I'll have my own website for my writing registered and set up! It's all a bit hush-hush and strictly on the qui vive but watch this space and I'll keep you informed of it's progress. The creative person desiging my website is going to be another Chris who likes to be called "Twig" - go to to see Twig's design talent... Back to myself, this post is really just to give an introduction about what I've written before and where I'm heading with my writing in the future. On the aforementioned website, there'll appear my complete and unabridged short story efforts since begining my writing life about 10 years ago, but if you can't wait that long, here's a couple of links to whet y

# "I've been thinking a lot today..." # - Ben Folds

So the journey begins... But first things first - which is it? "BCCarden" or "CGAllan"? That's sort of still a mystery to me as well, really. My real name is CGAllan. BCCarden is a pen name I've had ever since I knew that I wanted to have a life of writing. He's also a character I've created in my head - this mythic, successful writer, who's renowned the world over and... OK, before I sound really narcissistic, let me just say that the two are one in the same, perhaps Carden is what I aspire to be, the dot on the horizon that most days seems to be getting further away the faster you run at it - but that doesn't mean you stop running, right? I mean, in those god-awful dreams where you're running and running and not moving, did you ever stop to realise that you also never get out of breath? I suppose my point is that in our minds and dreams we're super humans, the heroes we aspire to be in real life... Perhaps that was all a bit too de