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What's within the within, within all of us?

# "We are spinning, and spinning, and spinning, and now..." - Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) For quite a while now I've been really interested in my writing in the idea of "a story within a story" or the book within a book - the "Mise en Abyme" - where say the main narrative is influenced by, inspired by or parallelled to a secondary story told within the world of the same book or novel...

More writing updates - back to feature writing next time!

# "It's all smiles and business these days and I'm indifferent to the loss..." # - Ben Folds " Another day another dollar", as my dad used to say (I'm English, remember - my dad can be a bit eccentric at times - maybe that's where I get it from!) Anyway, just another short post while I busy myself with loose odds and ends to do with my writing to tie up with a nice pretty bow before Christmas...