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A Summer of Cycling!

# "Destiny was calling Monday afternoon, Wednesday you'll be crawling and you'll pray to be there soon, with sports and wine, yeah, yeah... Sports and wine, no, no..." - Ben Folds Five I don't really consider myself to be a "sporty" person - I like to casually dip in and out of playing badminton and enjoy swimming and running in my spare time as ways to help take my imagination off whichever scribbles I happen to be doodling with at any one time (although inevitably, my mind ALWAYS wanders back to my writing during these periods of exercise and exertion, but maybe that's the productive point of the distraction!) - anyway, recently I decided to invest in a new mode of transport to get myself to and from my day job as a way to break the boredom of taking the train and bus (and in an effort to at least "try" to get a bit fitter in my old age...) So this month, I thought I'd bring a different kind of post with some photos of my two-wh