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The 2nd "Moon Crater" Fiction Decisions Poll

# "Big brother’s got keys and I got Jackson Cannery!" # Ben Folds CGAllan is keen to give YOU the chance to decide how the story of his novel turns out! It's back and it's as big as before - it's... The 2nd Moon Crater Fiction Decisions Poll! Since the 1st Decisions Poll... back in October 2006, I've been using that poll's results as I continue to write the newest parts of Moon Crater, as well as changing details regarding the two main characters of Billy and Jo while I go back over existing chapters - true to my word, I'm going to use all of those results in my story and stick to them - the choices you helped me make late last year are already having a bearing on the plot of Moon Crater and now I'm giving readers another chance to help shape the world of my novel...

Spring cleaning! March news snippets...

# "Gonna get dressed for success, shaping me up for the big-time..." # - Per Gessle The weather is gloriously bright (but cold) today as I look out of my window at work, past the 1960s brickwork of the adjacent building and on upwards into the blue skies of the changing seasons... I've been getting into the spirit of spring this week and have sprung into action to some much-needed overhauling of one of my blogsites... (NB - addendum 2012 - the following blog links are now broken links but the stories contained on them all now appear at: )

An anachronistic his story?

# "We didn't start the fire - it was always burning since the world's been turning..." - Billy Joel I’m a real “geeky fan” of whatever TV show or series of books I get into... I always need to know the small details of characters' back stories and always get caught up in the "extra media" that comes out to accompany the main work that got me into a particular storyline in the first place. If it's not sci-fi stories that I'm "into", then, it's historical adventures and whenever I read or watch these kinds of stories I tend to obsess about timelines and how this world fits into our real established history, be it Elizabethan times, the Napoleonic era or even the early 20th century...