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Tunnel-Vision Generation!

On silent running but with the promise of some fantastic voyages to come!

On The Road To Publishville # 4 - "The Waiting Game & Dreaded Rejections"

In Search of "Counter-Pain"...

On The Road To Publishville # 3 - "The Literary Agent & Publishing House"

The Zip Code Challenge # 3 finally arrives! (Well, almost...)

Many More Moon Musings...

"Y'shoulda seen uz gannin'..."

The Story So Far... (A three-reel epic and still counting!)

On The Road To Publishville # 2 - "The Synopsis & Cover Letter"

"Seven for a secret never to be told..."

Conning the Continuity...

"The next stop is Kansai-Gaidai..."

On The Road To Publishville # 1 - "The Writing CV & Portfolio"

History in the Making...

The 2nd Zip Code Challenge is now live...

The Results of the 3rd and final Moon Crater Fiction Decisions Poll (from 2008)

Time For The End To Begin - the 2008 review and 2009 preview