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"From the space age to the dark ages" - (the 2010 writing review!)

# "'Now, what think you to this, my friend Pybus?" # - Jon Boden One of my favourite TV shows at the moment is the modern take on “Dr Who” – it still (as it did as a kid) scares me in just the right amounts, the sfx (as you’d expect) are out-of-this world and the twists and turns of the scripts, I think, make it some of the best writing to watch and learn from at the moment. And it’s as I start to type up this first post of 2011, I’ve got a particular line from the newest episode in my head: “halfway out of the dark”… It always seems like a good time at the turn of the year, while still in the depths of Winter, when the night and mornings are too dark to do much outside in the fresh air, for me to type up a post that both “reviews” the old year, gone by but also “previews” the new year, and what lies ahead for my creative scribbles...