Sunday, April 28, 2013

Getting Animated!

# "Alright... You go, 'Ooh-eeh, ooh-ah-ah, ting-tang wallah-wallah, bing-bang!' # - The Cartoons

Recently I had the chance (finally) to see the new Hollywood movie version of Tintin after receiving it on Blu-Ray for my birthday and missing it last year at the cinema.  Now, I've made no secret over the years that I'm a huge fan of all FOUR Indiana Jones films and the movie experience I had watching "The Adventures of Tintin: the Secret of the Unicorn" really captured the original sense of adventure that thrilled me as a wide-eye kid watching The Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade... (no surprise that it was also Spielberg who directed Tintin too!)
There was a lot of talk of the phenomenon of the "uncanny valley" when this movie came out, where animation is deemed to have moved that bit closer to mimicking real life actors and even though it's beautifully rendered and conceived, as an audience we're left with a sort of sick feeling because the 'manequins' up on screen are too eerily close to humans...  It's a strange one to get your head around but also an interesting concept for a writer, always striving to use his art to imitate real life...  All I know is, the closeness of the imagery to reality allowed me as a popcorn-loving thrill-seeker to become more immersed in the overall story (well-constructed from a couple of Hergé's original books by, among others, the present Dr. Who and fine-scribe boss Steven Moffat)...