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Blasts from the Past # 5 - "The Greatest Stories Ever Told?"

# "B ut you  a re caught in your own glory...   you are believing your own stories ...  but you  don't know which page to turn to, do  you ? " - Cake I’m going to tell you a story… It’s not a particularly epic one, or even vital for you to read it, but it happened to me 10 years ago and because around this very time, this very year, the world will be thinking back that far for lots of reasons, I too find myself in a reflective mood as I begin my 5th and final “Blasts from the Past” post, looking back across the life of my online blog journal… So back to the story – sitting comfortably? Well, you know how the rest goes, but the year was 2001 and at the end of the summer I found myself enjoying the sunshine "at the end of the world", so to speak, holidaying in Cornwall at the southernmost tip of the UK. One day, during the week’s vacationing, my then girlfriend (now my wife) and I decided to take a day trip out to Land’s End (literally the end of “our” wor