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2008's New Batch! (a veritable flipbook of new stories, ready now and arriving soon...)

# "Now today is tomorrow, and tomorrow today, and yesterday is weaving in and out..." # - Cake This week I thought I'd give a sort of writing news update post to let you know about what’s currently going on with my writing on the Net… Things have kind of been quiet so far with all of it since the beginning of the new year but a lot has been ‘waiting in the wings’ and now like overdue buses coming along all at once you can take your pick of which one to hop on board with and enjoy…

An (April) Fool's Errand?!

# "We thought he was gone, but now he's come back again, last week it was funny, but now the joke's wearing thin... # - Ben Folds I'm not quite sure how to begin this post but it's got to be put out there so here goes... Recently I've been taught a bit of lesson in humility with my writing and it's led me to realise that part of being a successful writer is knowing when to admit that you've made mistakes and when to let go of something when you know it isn't working the way you hoped it would...