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The Results of the 3rd and final Moon Crater Fiction Decisions Poll (from 2008)

# "This dizzy life of mine keeps hanging me up all the time..." # - Counting Crows I'm beginning the writing of this post with mixed emotions because I'm excited to bring you the results of 2008's 3rd Moon Crater Fiction Decisions Poll but at the same time it's a melancholy event because this is the last time readers will be able to make an impact on my "Moon Crater" novel since it's the FINAL EVER interactive poll I'll run in conjunction with that story... (But never fear! That's doesn't mean there'll never be another Fiction Decisions Poll run for my writing - there's plenty other planned books waiting to begin, so watch this blog and my my Official Website for more news of this in the future!) After the more "mainstream" Poll # 1 in which I asked readers to help decide the characteristics of my main heroes of the story, and the equally "logical" Poll # 2 whereby I asked for help in determining t