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"13 for '13..." a 2013 Writing PREVIEW!

# " And if you're paralyzed by a voice in your head, i t's the standing still that should be scaring you instead...   Go on and... d o it anyway...  Do it anyway!"   # - Ben Folds Five The number 13 is a number that seems to send chills across the faces and down the spines of many of my friends, but for me it's always been something of a lucky number, a good omen and one to watch out for when I'm looking for signs to lead the way...  I used to live at Number 13 not so long ago and it was a lovely house to call my own first home, and this baker's dozen of a number regularly makes an appearance on our lottery numbers, adding to the list of hopeful "lucky" digits that might one day come our way... It's because of this that I met the new year of 2013 with a hopeful smile and a feeling of "this could be the year"... (well, you never know, right?!) and it got me into the frame of mind of just what I'd like to achieve with m