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"Have camera, will travel..."

# "Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes...  I'm afraid it's time for goodbye again...   Say goodbye to Hollywood,  say goodbye, my baby..." - Billy Joel I returned recently from a family wedding and then holiday on Kefalonia in Greece.  It was an island escape from the busy world of the day job, a place to get back to the basics of the writing of my first novel and also, which I found a pleasant coincidence was where the movie of the book of Captain Corelli's Mandolin  was set and filmed... I've often talked here on the blog about how my creative writing is chiefly inspired, not by other writers, but actually by the stories told up on the silver screen...  I love travelling on this journey we call life, and as I grow older and the opportunities for globetrotting get less, I like to think about the days I spent trekking to far-off places (they do still happen, but just a little less frequently since getting a mortgage!), most of which, more often