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February's quickie news bits

# "Careless talk, I don't believe what they say..." - Billy Joel Just a brief update on a new and exciting venture I've launched to link in with major changes I'm planning for probably the end of March time for this blog in particular. (If you're a regular reader here, you might have guessed it already) Yep, I've set up another new blogspot! You may remember a post here around last June time I did about very short short stories: A blatant Roxette rip-off! Well, I've been knee-deep writing the longish middle chapters of Moon Crater recently and started thinking about those mini-epics that can tell all-encompassing stories in only a few lines... And so because I want to write more of these soon, "Teeny Tiny Tales" has been born: (NB - addendum 2012 - this page of tiny tales is now featured here: )

Ways to beat an all-too-early mid-life crisis...

# "We know of an ancient radiation. that haunts dismembered constellations..." - John McCrea Recently, I've been pondering on exactly where that sort of "primal urge" comes from for we humans to want to make journeys to places that are so ancient and connected to all our pasts...