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Carry-on Scribbling!

# " Round here we're carving out our names...  Round here we all look the same...  Round here we talk just like lions, b ut we sacrifice just like lambs...  Round here... " #   - Counting Crows Usually, on my daily journeys back and forwards to the day job , I can be seen with a small bump strapped across my back.  It’s not a baby papoose (not yet at least, and I’m not sure my day job would necessarily appreciate me taking a child into work) but a small backpack…  Over the years, since beginning my working life, and of course during my carefree student days, I’ve selected a weird and wonderful range of “man bags” to help carry my ideas and scribble notebooks around with me, including an old gas mask bag ( blame Indy! ) and what I thought at the time was a cool-looking satchel, but now I’ve finally settled on what one friend congratulated me on recently as “the smallest bag you could find”. Although I like to carry such an attachment with me, not only for my writ