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Winter Reflections...

# " So please don't lose  your mind .... cos it doesn't belong to anybody else..." #  - Pomplamoose Every picture tells many stories? A large part of my time in 2012 has been spent setting about trying to begin to pinpoint, for my own curiosity,  what kind of writer I am ...    I know some days I can be a lazy one but then others I can be the most productive scribbler around if I just set my mind to it...  I also know that I like to write adventure stories inspired by the blockbuster films of my youth which had good storytelling at their heart and... I know I'm not embarking on a quest with my creative words to be some literary giant with my first novel... I've always just wanted to be a "working writer" - that's the true aim, to be someone who always has a project on the go (and by 'project' I mean, the next book) so that I can finally say I can devote my full-time to writing...  (But I think this is the dream of every amateur scr