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The 3rd "Moon Crater" Fiction Decisions Poll

# “And you think Rockford Files is cool, but there are some things you would change if it were up to you…” - Ben Folds Five Introducing the 3rd & FINAL Moon Crater Fiction Decisions Poll! For each year of the two years so far that I’ve kept this blog journal, I’ve launched a reader poll in an attempt to generate interest in my novel as I continue to write it. With the turn of the new year I’ve once again looked back over my drafted chapters with the second draft in mind and begun to devise the last “interactive” poll to be run in conjunction with Moon Crater … With the 1st Poll in 2006 and then the 2nd Poll in 2007 we shared glimpses of some of the people who inhabit the book and also began to shape some of the places that exist across the novel’s pages...

The Results of the 2nd Moon Crater Fiction Decisions Poll (from 2007)

# “Your place on the map has faded away, must've been lost in more than one way…” # - Ben Folds This month I received quite a kick up the proverbial behind over my writing from probably the one person who can say something right to the point without me taking it to heart but equally with me very much paying attention to the words being spoken. After admittedly taking an extended break on writing Moon Crater since I completed the first draft back at the end of September to reflect on it all and let the story stew a bit more, my wife was listening to me complain that I was struggling to get back into a writing routine and simply said, “If you’re serious about getting this published, just get on with it.” The word ‘serious’ really hit home because that’s what I’m constantly trying to do with my writing - turn it from an amateur hobby into a fact of everyday life and hopefully one day a serious career…