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THE Man from Uncle...

# " If dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts " - Counting Crows Last year, I became an uncle for the first time, and although I haven't got any children of my own yet, the burden of responsibility that the moniker 'uncle' brings to bear does weigh on my mind at times (I've always been an over-thinker, you understand!).  I think the reason I find this as an important phase of my life is perhaps because I hold one of my own uncles in such great esteem. It was a couple of years ago that  I blogged here about my paternal grandfather , another treasured family member in my memory who I was lucky enough to know for 9 years of my life as a child.  Well, John Allan senior had two sons - Derek and John junior (Derek is my dad, who I'll definitely get round to blogging about sometime soon - for now though you can see some of his beautiful artwork on my short kids story Kyle's Courage  at  my Official Writing Homepage  by clicking on t