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Adventures Past #1: A Lang Waak Yem...

# "I can go to Europe, travel with my friends...  I can blow a thousand deutsche marks  to get drunk in a pub with some Australians...   Buy a giant backpack...  Sew a flag on the back..." - Barenaked Ladies A first date to remember... seeing a highly recommended film ! 12 years ago to the day I went on a nervous first date with someone who I could little imagine I'd be sharing many adventures with over the oncoming decades of my younger adult life. One such joint-adventure was a 2-month epic journey into mainland Europe that around 10 years ago we were just a few short weeks away from embarking on.... I've decided, since I think it's worth remembering such huge milestones in your life, to recount those travels here on the blog, so here it begins - "these are the voyages..." of two green but enthusiastic travellers...  It was a life-changing trip for both of us and just like a certain Mr. Wise of the Shire , it was a journey where I more