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"I feel the need,... the need to read..."

# "Here we are inside a novel, waiting for an end... We don't know the authors of the book, maybe someone's writing chapters for us while we sleep... from a million miles away" - Guster Since the longest day passed me by so quickly yesterday and summer is finally officially here, I thought I'd post about one of my favourite pastimes as an adult, which wasn't really something I liked to do growing up... It might sound strange for a wannabe writer to say he was a "reluctant reader" (and sometimes still is) but for a mixture of reasons - being of the MTV and games console generation, obsessesed with Lego and toy soldiers and associating picking up a book too much with schoolwork - I have been a late developer in appreciating a good read. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE books - and I think you need to, for others to ultimately love the books you want to write, but I've come round to this on/off affair from a more "distant" st

“Searching for a use for the Redundant Robot”…

“# Don't wanna see the stars, don't wanna see the moon… I am a spaceman flying high, I am the astronaut in the sky!” - Amy MacDonald I'm the kind of person who likes to fill awkward silences... I know people who are completely comfortable (and actually thrive) on mute gaps in proceedings but I can jabber on for Queen and country with the best of them, normally talking about everything and nothing at the same time, just to avoid the dreaded lull in conversation... So when I suddenly found in May that I was by the end of the month being made redundant from my day job , I knew I'd have to use my new-found spare time constructively and fill the "space"... Conveniently, I knew it was also time for a second update in my "2010 - an Odyssey in Space" year as I continue to attempt to create my 'Seal Your Own Fate' online gamebook (you can get the full lowdown on the evolution of this idea, incidentally, by going back to my Official Writing Homep