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Two new stories and a load of links...

# "All my life, I've been watching America..." - (Razorlight) This week, it’s just a short post to let you know that the facelift of this blog continues with the promised Moon Crater handy catch-up links list being added. So now there’s no excuse not to know what the heck I’m on about when referring to my novel! Anyway, if you scroll right to the bottom of this page, below the general links to my other stories blogs and main writing site, you can now read all the posts in order in which I’ve specifically talked about the book itself. It should help anyone new chancing on this blog too to get up to date quickly, with a bit of luck, too. ( Amendum - this links list has now disappeared and will reappear in a different form over at my official site at some point in the future... )

"The Rare Purple Fox Travels East In Winter"

# "It's a new day, it's a new plan, I've been waiting for you..." # - Bryan Adams Wel come, everyone to my newly-improved and spy-errific writing blogspot. Hopefully you've all come along equipped with your waterproof watches, unmarked silver briefcases and dark glasses - Yes? OK, then, we can continue... For those of you wondering if you've stumbled onto the wrong blogsite, this is still the online writing journal of Chris G. Allan - it just looks a bit different to how it did last week. As I continue writing my first novel Moon Crater and develop the themes and events that occur within that story, I decided I wanted the look of my writing blog to reflect those themes - and so here we are with a mysterious "Top Secret" memo pad for me to post on from now on...

The files you shouldn't see...

Hi, everyone, I'm in the process of changing the blog template over, what do you think?! :> More tomorrow - stay tuned! Chris