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“Oh, me of little voice…" (but I've still reached 100 squeaks!)

# “I was out on the radio, starting to change… Somewhere out in America, it’s starting to rain…” # – Counting Crows So here it is, a real milestone (or a “signpost”, maybe?) in my online scribbles – this post marks the 100th blog post that I’ve created to date since first establishing this online journal for my writing back in May 2006 … I’ve talked about a lot of different writing themes on the blog since first setting it up, from timelines to continuity and “ret-conning” , through writing polls and note-keeping to obsessive obsessions and then the places I like to travel to , as well as places I draw inspiration from , through game books and comic books , and of course, my own books… , (or the ones I’m hoping to get published in the future). But to mark this centenary blog post, I’ve decided use the space here to give a preview of something that I’ve been eager to get off the ground for about two years now and that’s to launch my very own writing podcast, and I’m hoping to re