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"12 months to make it all work..." (the 2012 writing preview!)

# “Maybe that's how books get written, maybe that's why songs get sung...” #   -  Ben Folds (with Nick Hornby) It's taken me longer than I'd hoped back in January to write up my Preview post for 2012, but the new year has well and truly begun now and as the winter cold has receded and the spring air is beginning to penetrate my brain, I'm attempting more and more to lay out my writing plot for the 12 months that will make up 2012... As ever, I've tried to kick-start the new year with a new update to my blog's title picture above... Each year since 2010 I've been adding another object to the collage and for 2012, a rather 'bookish' gnome has appeared.  What's different about this year's object is that it bears  next year's  date... It's all to prepare the way for the book I'm planning to begin work on next year, but why jump ahead now?  Well, it's because for 2012, I'm returning to concentrate my writing e