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Not just on the cutting room floor!

# " Hey, hey, i t's a working day...  Hey, hey, i t's a working day..." - Ben Folds (with Nick Hornby) So here we are at the end of the year - it's personally been a good year for myself and my writing - I've managed to close the cover on my first adventure novel  and begun work on my third with the working title " my gnome gnovel " (where's the second novel, I hear you ask? Well, wait for my 2013 Review and 2014 Preview posts in January and February next year to read more...) But the other great thing to come out of lucky '13 for me is that I've been fortunate enough to advance and hone my creative skills in the field of video editing, exploring the zany world of special effects and indulging my passion for all things film - and best of all, this was all during working at my " day job "...