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The Zip Code Challenge # 3 finally arrives! (Well, almost...)

# "And you can't talk about it, and isn't that a kind of madness to be living by a code of silence when you've really got a lot to say?" # - Billy Joel It’s been a little while since I last announced and launched another of The Zip Code challenges connected to my my "Moon Crater"TM novel and it’s sort of been tied up with me having to become more web-wise this year.. As regular readers will know, I’ve been using a mix of blog pages and Google Page builders to create some of the web pages of my Official Writing Website , but soon Google are doing away with their Google Pages so in anticipation of the inevitable disappearance of my Zip Code Challenge page (built with GPages) I’m temporarily suspending the page and will resurrect it later in the year – never fear, though, it will come back bigger and bolder than before…