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Time For The End To Begin - the 2008 review and 2009 preview

# “Let's keep it together… Can we keep it together? We're singing a new song now and everything starts today” # - Guster It's time for that annual event I like to call my "stepping back to go forward" with a review of the past year and a preview of the upcoming one... (you can check out the previous two "year round-ups" from me by clicking here for 2006/2007 and clicking here for 2007/2008 . This past year that was 2008, though, was a great year for me as an amateur writer, and in 2009 with the completion of my finished manuscript for my first kids novel in tantalising sight, "the end" is perhaps where the hard work is just beginning... The question remains, by this time next year, will I have been able to turn my (quite serious, don't you know!) hobby as a scribbler into the start of a new career as a professional author? Well, I have to wait and see, just as much as anyone reading this, but in the meantime, I definitely think it'