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Things they lost in the garden...

# "In the backyard... In the garden... You were always there, digging down where roots would burrow underneath......" # - Guster We’ve started the grim task of closing up our garden for the autumn in recent weeks, clearing out our summer vegetable plots, cutting the grass for (hopefully!) the last time in the year and collecting in the last of the apples from our fantastic bramley tree which we inherited from the previous owners of the house. I say it’s a “grim” task because when we finally admit summer is over and we begin to spend less time in our garden, it’s a sad time. We’re lucky to currently have a garden that’s about 26 metres long, so lots of space, and it’s a place we’ve found blossoming enjoyment in over the short five years we’ve grown from Gardener’s World novices to wannabe green-fingered experts, ready to bore any party into The Good Life oblivion with our talk of the best places to planet Nisterchions to the many varieties of cabbage and when is the be