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MY Never-Ending Stories...

# "Here I am - same old story in a brand new book..." # - Train Some eagle-eyed readers (or indeed "listeners") may have found out that I've been going through a bit of a period of " writer's block " recently.  Now, I'm sure different scribblers define this pariah of a 'condition' by different degrees, but for me, it tends to be when I hit a significant amount of time (probably about 2 or 3 months) where although I'm still having ideas for stories and jotting down notes for future books, I'm not actually getting down to a daily routine of the hard graft of writing. I've no idea why this happens but this particular bout has come at the end of a rather long over-development stage (drafting and redrafting) of "my space saga" .  And while this was definitely a milestone, having worked on that first adventure novel for a good decade, perhaps the exhaustion factor had set in a little and I hadn't realised