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Tunnel-Vision Generation!

“I dreamt of success, I would be the best. I would make my folks proud… It hasn't happened yet…” – William Shatner For most of this year I’ve not really found time to do the kind of “feature posts” about subjects relating to creative writing that I have enjoyed writing on this blog in past years, so I thought I’d round off 2009 with a pondering sort of ramble on my own creative scribbles as I become that bit more pensive with winter taking hold both in the outside world, and the inner workings of my modular mind … Early next year, I turn 33, and it’s a strange feeling approaching that age (even worse than when I turned 30 ) and it’s perhaps for this reason that I’ve recently been wondering which “generation” I fit into, and following on from that, in relation to my scribbles, which the audience I’m writing for fits into as well… After some research (mainly through Wiki!) I appear to have been born at the intersection of Generation X and Generation Y .... (I wonder what sort