Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tunnel-Vision Generation!

“I dreamt of success, I would be the best. I would make my folks proud… It hasn't happened yet…”William Shatner

For most of this year I’ve not really found time to do the kind of “feature posts” about subjects relating to creative writing that I have enjoyed writing on this blog in past years, so I thought I’d round off 2009 with a pondering sort of ramble on my own creative scribbles as I become that bit more pensive with winter taking hold both in the outside world, and the inner workings of my modular mind

Early next year, I turn 33, and it’s a strange feeling approaching that age (even worse than when I turned 30) and it’s perhaps for this reason that I’ve recently been wondering which “generation” I fit into, and following on from that, in relation to my scribbles, which the audience I’m writing for fits into as well… After some research (mainly through Wiki!) I appear to have been born at the intersection of Generation X and Generation Y.... (I wonder what sort of graph arc my lifeline’d make!), but it’s actually Generation Z that I’m writing for as a “kids” audience of 8-14 year olds who are internet savvy, text at lightening speeds and can solve PC crashes in their sleep (the mystical “iGen” as they’re also known)....