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Winter Warmers...

# “A long December and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last” # - Counting Crows I’m in a “tidy-up” sort of mood right now… I find that in life I can be the most messy person known to humankind, letting things pile up around the house, but every so often there comes a realisation and real motivation of “enough is enough” and I suddenly bolt into action and whiz through things with renewed energy - my wife incidentally thinks that I work some “Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo” Disney-style magic whenever I say I’m going to tidy up our living room and she comes in after just five minutes and it’s all clean (hint: this is where secret cupboards like the one in the background of the Monica’s apartment in Friends come in handy!) Anyway, with my writing too for the past few weeks I’ve been looking to round things off from the old year before all the things I've planned that are chattering away in my brain are let out as the new year begins. So it’s an excus

"Mulled Wine" (a tribute to a tutor)

I'm adding a short post here today to bring some sad and unexpected news that's come my way this month about a writer I knew who's recently died. Her name was Chrissie Glazebrook and I was taught by her on the MA in Creative Writing I studied for a few years ago. Unfortunately Chrissie finally succumbed to a form of cancer she was suffering from for a long time - the full details of her career and life can be seen at this Guardian Obituary for her, and you can get a brief glimpse at her recent creative spark here , but I really just wanted to say something briefly here about the person I knew, who I will definitely look back on as one of the personalities in my formative years of trying to be a writer...