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On The Road To Publishville # 9 - "Try, Try Again... & Again!"

# " All possibilities are landing at my feet... There's nothing I can see but possibilities..." - Badly Drawn Boy So it's been about a year since I last made a pit-stop down "The Road To Publishville" to recap on my efforts in getting myself into print and attached to a book agent, and it seemed at this point in the year, as winter is finally making itself felt, that it was about time I pulled off the road for a much needed breather and take stock of things again.  Over the last 8 posts of this occasional blog post series I've gone through the various processes any wannabe author might go through in their scribble adventures, heading towards that mythical town of print and ink that's always looming on the horizon... From initial drafting, to agent-hunting, to perseverance and new beginnings I've tried to document here on my online journal the trials and tribulations of an amateur writer facing the looming cityscape of "Publishville&qu