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A Summer of Cycling - Part the Final!

# "All my life, watching America..." # - Razorlight A couple of years ago, I began posting about another hobby that complimented my scribble addiction - my adventures in cycling are still rolling along, courtesy of a neat little folding bike  and my more robust mountain bike . I say that it complements my writing because I do hold firm to the belief that as well as spending lots of time at the keyboard practising your art, it's healthy for a writer to also lift their head once in a while and get out and see what's out there ... I also find that exercise, whether it's cycling or swimming or just a brisk walk, gets the old cogs of the mind turning and allows those seeds of ideas to germinate and those difficult plot points you've been mulling over to unwind themselves in your head so that when you sit back down at that illuminated screen, you feel refreshed and ready to get back to work on your tome...