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# " I'm going down to Hollywood, t hey're gonna make a movie from the things t hat they find crawling round my brain " # - Counting Crows Time slides away all too quickly... As a writer and general "creative type" I have many idiosyncracies, and I'm the first to admit that I'm getting more and more eccentric as I grow older (just ask my wife for proof on that point!), but one of my more mild foibles is that I can't sleep in the same room as a ticking clock...  I say "mild", but in fact, I've been known to take batteries out of every clock in the vicinity if needs be, in an attempt to stop the relentless clunk of the marking of the passage of time... This has got me to thinking about what makes me tick as a writer. Why do I do it?  Why do strange ideas pop into my head at strange times of the day and night, and why does my brain then connect those ideas with ones I had say 3 years ago and propose I make a story out of them?