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Keep to cracking the Code...

# "Honest is easy, fiction is where genius lies..." # - Guster Ever since being around the age of seven and being bought Stratego for Christmas by my granddad, I've become obsessed with games of all kinds. From Othello to chess, Action Force to Crossbows & Catapults, to Monopoly and Scrabble, and even nowadays to the newer DVD interactive games, I really enjoy pitting my wits against others, even if I don't win half the time... When it comes to my writing, especially on the internet, I've blogged before about how I'm interested in fusing "games" with creative fiction, and have even made some small strides towards that this past year with my "Moon Crater Adventures" (which hasn't been forgotten about, I hasten to add - more exciting news on th is in the run-up to Christmas!) I get very excited myself as a reader when given the opportunity to look past the pages of a mere book, beyond its covers, and allowed to discover extr