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"Sound as a Pound... or Penny!" (the 2013 Writing REVIEW!)

# " Everybody's talkin' 'bout the new sound, f unny, but it's still rock and roll to me! #  -  Billy Joel I've titled this post with a kind of sarcastic tone, not to take the mickey out of myself (although all scribblers probably need to do that from time to time to keep a level head!) but more to remind me where I'm at in my writing life... I've been jotting down ideas and scribbling wild-eyed notions for nye-on 15 years now but in writing years that probably translates into me still being a toddler (hence the "penny", rather than the "pound" in the title).  I'm up on my feet as an amateur writer but still need to steady myself now and again on the furniture around me, and 2013, looking back was a brilliant year for helping gain confidence in walking tall as a scribbler (but in 2014 I need to make in roads with an agent for my writing to be able to properly start running around the place!)  So I think it's worth a loo