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The 2007 Review & 2008 sneak peak preview!

# "What a year... for a new year,... we need it like we needed life,... I guess..." # - Dan Wilson So, here we suddenly are in 2008… I remember writing my first “year in review” post last January like it was only yesterday, but as I’ve started to look back over the past 12 months, I’m quite amazed (but pleasantly surprised) at how much writing I’ve been able to cram into the year that was 2007… I’ve had this online journal on the go since the tail end of May 2006 and it’s an interesting exercise for me in my eternal pursuit (and need) to witness my evolution as a writer to look back almost two years later and be able to see how I’ve approached my blog writing in both the initial year of its existence of 2006 and then during this past second year of 2007.