Blasts from the past # 1 (a 5-part saga) - "Imagination"

# "...and somebody spoke, and I went into a dream..." # - Lennon & McCartney
Beginning a new mini-series of blog posts...

The end of this very month, of this very year, marks a total of 5 years that I've been blogging about writing.  Back in 2009 when this blog turned a grand old age of 3, I posted about my top 10 favourite posts so far, but for its 5th birthday, I thought it could be good (for myself if nobody else!) to take a little time to celebrate over a short series of posts entitled "Blasts from the Past" and cast the spotlight on some of the times I’ve talked about various aspects of being a writer... And this first post deals with the theme of "imagination"...

It was hearing my favourite Beatles song "A Day in the Life"on the radio about a week ago that brought this theme to mind (the song was apparently written from the back of a cornflake box at the breakfast table, along with the morning edition of a local newspaper) and I began to ponder on the way writers of any kind use imagination to weave their tangled web of words, practising to deceive readers with their fiction (often using true events as inspiration).

Wandering around in worlds of my own creation...
I love the fact that I'm a daydreamer for most of my waking hours... To me, attempting to become a writer is all about imagination - to see beyond the here and now...  It's not a "writing game" I'm playing or a "writing business" I'm trying to set up, but a "writing life" that I'm on the journey of...

The new "sketchbook"
for Simulacrum is now on
my official writing website
And these past 5 years, I've been on that journey of beginning a life in writing, and imagined all kinds of things, some that I've continued to work on and write down more notes of, and others that are still rattling around in my dreamer's brain, waiting quietly until it's time for them to come out.  Here's just a few of the things I'm hoping to pick back up on and write more about in the next 5 years on the theme of "imagination" (click on the links on each entry to read more!): 

The "new-look" intro page to my official website...
Incidentally, it was around this time, 5 years ago, back in 2006, that I also began the contsruction of my own website to act as a base for all my writing - this has evolved over the past 5 years (and still will for the next 5, I'm sure...)  Recent changes on my my main site include my "imagined" worlds of a tiny kittiwake (click on a group of objects that look like as if they've been picked up from the riverbank by birds!) and the new Simulacrum space saga page (click on a suitably spacey object)  The ongoing development of my writing homepage reflects just how my imagination spins and twists on a daily basis, living each "day in my writing life..." 


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