The 2nd Zip Code Challenge is now live...

# "I must give the impression that I have the answers for everything..." # Ben Folds

I'd hoped over the last few weeks to bring you some news about how my story entry in the Invisible Ink 2 anthology turned out, but as I'm finding increasinly happens in the literary world, the cogs of the industry move frustratingly slow and I haven't heard a whisker about the results yet (I'm hoping no news is good news though!) - so, as well as developing my skills at being a patient person, I've found some spare time in amongst the finishing off of the second draft of Moon Crater to launch:

"Volcanic Venus"!
(click the link in the "2nd Code" words above
to begin taking up the Challenge right now!)

Remember, that the whole point of the Zip Code Challenge is to "Find The Missing Title" of my 'Moon Crater' book over the course of 10 challenges that make up the Zip Code... Keep your wits about you as you solve puzzles and adventure across my various story pages, seeking 20 numbers (2 per Challenge) which you must keep, in the correct order you find them, to decypher the final name of my proposed novel... (if you're reading this wondering what the heck all this Zip Code nonsense is, you can click here to go read the beginnings of the Zip Code from July '08!)

In other news, too, in the preparation for the big send-off to publishers in 2009, I've managed to track down the trekking Twig who's been off on expedition for months now and who originally helped me design my Official Homepage - the great news is that he's back on board temporarily to help this humble techno-illiterate writer update my main website, so look out over the next few months for exciting new pages popping up all over the desk top homepage relating to my writing and Moon Crater book...

(Wow, it's a new year new record for me! I've just written the shortest blog post I've written in over 12 months! Well, it is going to be a busy year after all...)


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