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My mid-life journey: "40 & lovin' it?" Hmm... (I'll let you know, soon'ish!)

# "If only I don't bend and break,  I'll meet you on the other side,  I'll meet you in the light...  If only I don't suffocate,  I'll meet you in the morning when you wait" # - Keane The 40-journey for me has been a curious one so far... It's become a time of pressing the "pause button" and thinking about things even more introspectively than I have in the last 10 years or so. I have friends who have gone through similar journeys and they have been helpful in conversing with about this strange stage in life, so I remain ever grateful to them for their continued patience and counsel. Since being young I've been fascinated with dragonflies, and I read recently that these ancient insects can go through stages of re-emergence and that's incredibly inspiring to me... I will write more on this soon here on the blog, but my creative writing is one of the things I've also pressed pause on for a little while, so