A good way to round-up the year: with a creative success!

A real year of living creatively!
# "When I'm deep inside of me, don't be too concerned... I won't ask for nothin' while I'm gone..." - Billy Joel

For the last couple of years here on the blog I’ve begun to journal about my efforts to move towards becoming a video editor in my day job and this month thanks to a recognised course with an exam at the end of it, happily, I’ve managed to take a larger leap towards that goal.

For a little while because I’ve been mainly carrying out editing jobs at work using Adobe Creative Suite, I’d been eyeing up an Adobe Associate course here in the UK, and considered various course providers around the country.  Negotiating with my employer it was finally settled on making the trip to Manchester for a week-long expert course in using Adobe Premiere Pro.

On the first couple of days of the course with the provider Acadamy Class I was able to brush up on and hone the skills on this video editing package which I’d already learned in my day job over the past 4 years or so. But into Day 3 and the more detailed exercises began, from colour-correction to more detailed sound design (which is also useful for my outside-of-work pastime of creative podcasting).  The exam day came around at the end of the week and was a mix of questions as well as practical tasks on the Adobe software itself, and happily I passed – with a pretty convincing score too – and earned myself a shiny Adobe Associate badge for my emails and CV, etc.

Spending an extended amount of time in another city was really the
majestic Central Library on more than one occasion – it’s a perfect inspirational setting for writers and book lovers alike with its old central rotunda reading room and Victorian feel. I'd recommend it as an essential stopping-off point for any tourist to Manchester in the UK...
interesting from a creative point of view too. I’d been to Manchester for work to Media City mostly in the past on day courses but staying overnight I got to see the town from a different perspective and took myself off on a self-guided walking tour one evening, as well as visiting

So this journey of living (and blogging) "the life creative) is being added to and fleshed out by my creative pursuits in the world of video (as well as creative writing) - and they're all part of the same innate urge I feel I have (and always have had) to tell stories - presenting them in writing or audio visual ways is just playing with narrative form for me, always looking at finding different and new ways to practise my craft...

One part of presenting these new narratives in this new art form of video for me is setting up a display page as part of my Official Writing Homepage and I've chosen Vimeo as the hosting service which I'll use as my sign-off point to this post, below...


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