# "And so it goes, and so it goes, and you're the only one who knows..." # - Billy Joel

Well, I'm back, friends. It's been about a month-and-a-half since I posted my last blog entry here, advertising myself and my writing to the anticipated masses who would come flooding to read my scribbles after my official website was set up. And how did it all go? Well, the flood was more like a small trickle, according to Google Analytics, but hopefully I've caught a few more eager readers in my net of intrigue that surrounds "The Missing Reel"...

The main reason I haven't been on here to blog for so long is that I've been out of the country on my honeymoon. We had a fantastic wedding day - it really went beyond anything we hoped it would be and then jetted off to traverse the North American continent through Canada by train for three weeks. This travel experience was brilliant. The Canadian Rockies are amazing. And married life is fabulous. I'd recommend any of the above three to everyone...

But now it's back to reality and back to trying to get the first complete draft of the manuscript for "Moon Crater" (remember, this is just my working title for the novel) finished by early 2007. Putting a time limit on it, by stating it here for all to see, is my way of keeping my motivation going (as is this entire blog itself when it comes to that!) - but I finally feel happy with all those random notes I wanted to get typed up into one "writer's manual" for Moon Crater and so can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Tonight, I restart work on Chapter 1 (if you recall me mentioning, I've already written Chapters 1-9 but they're in need of a revamp).

As to http://www.findthemissingreel.com/ - I couldn't be happier with how it's progressing. I said the floodgates didn't get too wet because we had a slight mishap when Twig thought he'd made the main homepage links active in early August and then two weeks later after conflabbing across the Atlantic, we realised the links were still locked! Anyway, hopefully now a lot of you have been able to explore the site a bit more - there's an introduction page, with a message from myself and also three links (yes, three, one's hidden) to this blog and two of my others containing some of my early short stories... The next page to become active will probably be the mobile phone icon, which sort of boringly will be the "Contacts and credits" page, but will still pose some puzzles and have some mysteries to migrate you to the next page to be unlocked by Christmas (the puzzle page - my Christmas present to you all!)

Well, that all sounds like a lot of hard work, reading it back, but it IS all go again, and I'm hoping you're all sticking with me still. Sorry it's been a while, but if you stay tuned, at the beginning of next week, I'll need your help in shaping the two main heroes of Moon Crater - I want to give you the chance to help me decide what these pivotal characters will look like...


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