New beginnings or just returning to the start...

Welcome one and all to my writing blog site! This is the place where I'm recording "journal" entries alongside the writing of what I'm hoping will be my debut novel as a children's writer...
# "I've been flying high all night... So come pick me up, I've landed" # - Ben Folds
I've actually been keeping this blog for about three months now, so apologies to my regular readers but I wanted to put a big "Hear, ye! Hear, ye!" type of post here now because the link from my official website should be alive and kicking any time and it'll hopefully bring a new audience to my ramblings on this blog. So a big shout out to my old friends and a warm welcome to anyone that's found their way here via my "Missing Reel" site. is a website in progress. It is there to complement and work alongside the novel, but in a different way to this blog. Here, I'm recording my trials and tribulations of writing the novel, where as my official website will provide insights into just what Moon Crater is all about... There'll be puzzles and clues to follow on the main site (there'll also be a lot more hints and clues on this and my other blogs sites, by the way), as each of the items on the desk top homepage are unlocked over the course of the next year. So stick with me, if you have the energy and enthusiasm and hopefully I won't disappoint!
I am very much on a writer's journey, sharing my experiences of writing here, as well as e-publishing my early short stories and other writing. I mentioned above that I have other blog sites (these can be found by clicking on View My Complete Profile above) and they all contain the different types of writing that I've done and want to do in the future. In the Archives (below, left) on this my main blog site, you can go right back to the beginning of my posts in May of this year and see where it all started. I rant about many different aspects of writing here - my influences, what inspires me, what I find curious about the world, but they all have a relevance to the ongoing writing of my first novel.
So, just what is Moon Crater about and what kind of a writer do I want to be? Well, on my main website, there's an introduction page that will explain more about the novel itself, but as I've already said I see myself for now as a children's writer. I love adventure, mystery and "oddity" stories, but I always want my stories to have a grounding in reality. I'm not really a writer of wizard or witch books, or far-away hidden worlds. The type of writing I feel comfortable doing, that most excites me and interests me, is that which shows what's actually possible in our own real world today. That doesn't mean I wouldn't write historical fiction - I have every intention of it in the future, and I also dabble in science fiction from time to time. But for now I want to explore this strange world we all live in and think we know so well, and mainly through a child's eyes.
Anyway, I'll sign off for now, but I'd appreciate it you've found my words intriguing and want to bookmark this, my other blog sites and my main website and come back and visit soon. If you have kids, or know people with kids, in the 8-14 age group, they might find my main website entertaining once the puzzles begin to show up there, so, please, help me to spread the word by pointing them towards it too.
Thanks for taking the time to read my many scribbles and any feedback or comments are definitely always welcome and read if they come to me via my writing email address at:
Cheers, and once again, thanks for joining me for the ride...
CGAllan, 27th July, 2006.


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