# "Birds fall from the window ledge above mine, then they flap their wings at the last second..." # - John McRea (Cake)

I'm in the mood for trying new things this week... The weather has finally changed to a nice summery temperature and even though this morning I almost had a heart attack when my old laptop seemed to have wiped my memory stick and most of the up-to-date notes for Moon Crater I'm in a postive mood. (Incidentally, my old laptop lied to me - checking my stick on another PC all of the data is there - thankfully!)

I've got a four week deadline for a few things in my life at the moment - and they're all writing-related. I get married at the end of the month and so among the many preparations the two of us have, I have to write a speech - "Easy for a writer", you say? Well, I'm finiding it more difficult than it probably is, and I think it's because I've never had to write in that format before. But I'll get there in the end, I'm sure. The other is the big mound of Post-its and scraps of paper with ideas for Moon Crater which I did a post on last month - http://cgallan.blogspot.com/2006/06/can-you-tell-me-things-you-remember.html - is almost only an ant-hill now but I desperately want to get them all typed into my writing plan so that when we return from honeymoon, I can begin the proper task of finishing writing the remaining chapters of Moon Crater. I also need to arrange with Twig to put up the final design of what the homepage to my main writing website will finally look like (a clue is to think of the existing design in the complete opposite...) - all this in four weeks, so I'd better get my skates on...

Anyways, I said above that I'm in the mood for something new so I'm trying an experiment in seeing how I can show some of my non-Moon Crater short stories to you all without putting them onto www.findthemissingreel.com (which I'm going to try to keep exclusively for Moon Crater related stuff).

I was a bit stumped over a solution until I realised "What am I talking about?! I've got a time machine! All I've got to do is..." Sorry, pardon the Marty McFly impression - but basically I realised that with blogger.com I could set up another (and countless more) blogs and "e-publish" my other kids, sci-fi etc stories on there! So, in a few days, I'll unveil "The Kittiwake Cacophony" over at http://comeseethekittiwakes.blogspot.com/ - on there will be a series of stories for younger kids (probably in the age range of 5-8) but as always I hope adults and kids of all ages will enjoy them... With each story I intend to give some background to why I wrote it, where the first ideas for it came from and any other relevant background info that might help gain an insight into the inner workings of this thing I affectionately refer to as the "creative lobe" of my brain...


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