Agent Gone Dark - a foretelling...

# "Someday, I'm gonna stay,... but not today..." # - Adam Duritz (Counting Crows)

Just adding a short post here today to let you all know that the new design for is moving nearer to completion - there's a new teaser holding page up now which I'm hoping will add more intrigue to the site and story - questions a visitor to the site might ask are: "Why a backwards clock?", "Just what is the 'Institute'?" & "What have Laurel & Hardy got to do with the whole thing?!"

Been using google analytics to track the traffic onto the site too and after a slow start it seems to be going through the roof! At the weekend I had 59 visitors on Saturday alone. ("Ooh, big deal!" you might say - but considering I'm not a big organisation with multi-million-pound advertising campaigns, I'm pretty happy with this steady climb...) Anyway, analytics is worth a look if you have your own website - go to: to read more...


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